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Public Speaking around the world.

Public Speaking around the world. My tales of making the journey. Continue reading

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Random AppVolumes Fixes for common issues.

My experience with AppVolumes and the findings of common problems along the way. Continue reading

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Building Service Now Functions for adding to existing automation scripts.

I have been working on some bigger automation projects here lately. And ran into the need to learn more about Service Now and how to create Incidents and Change Requests via PowerShell and also how to add them to the … Continue reading

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Using the ServiceNow Rest API Explorer

A month or so ago I was introduced into the world of the ServiceNow Rest API explorer. It was a rough into at best. A little backstory always helps. I am still working on a project to automate most of … Continue reading

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The Dirty Taboo topic of IT Debt! The Micro Series…. Maybe if I don’t see a Squirrel!

Why is it no one wants to talk about IT debt? Are they scared of saying hey I need help? Do they not have a clue that they are in debt? Maybe they feel like its job security? Maybe they … Continue reading

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How does all this IT infrastructure stuff actually work?

So looking at this from a high level a day to day job of a admin is basically to keep the lights on and things moving forward. We put in a huge amount of time and effort in making sure … Continue reading

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My thoughts on Surface Pro 4

After been given some time with the Surface, I have got a chance to know it a bit. First off I would like to say thank you to those of you that convinced me that I should migrate to the … Continue reading

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