Public Speaking around the world.

Last year I set out to put a huge effort to refine my public speaking skills and try to step it up a notch. I have reached out too many in the community to give feedback and just general over all content feedback. And I have received some amazing feedback.  With this feedback I have been able to put this into my presentations and adapt my Snarky and Humorous presentation style. Because of this I have been given an amazing opportunity to spread the word of VDI and automation around the world.

I have been able to present at places like:

Indianapolis, Sydney, Melbourne, St Louis, VMworld in San Francisco, Dallas, Rochester, Phoenix and  Portland to name most.maxresdefault

Through the year I have been able to do continues improvements and adapt more and more as I am adopting new things and adding new content. And looking back my presentation was focused on Automation in VDI with the purpose of showing my Recompose and Refresh Automation script. But as I have had time, and I have grown my skills as a presenter and my skills as a script writer, I have been able to create huge new content, take on monstrous projects like the AsBuilt Report for Horizon, and add these things to my presentation. Making it more of a jam packed presentation that is extremely hard to fit in to the 40 min time slot. By doing this I have able to grow new friendships with some amazing people because of my travels and the things I have done in the community. I cannot thank enough people for where I have made it. And if I start naming people, I will just leave someone out.

Also, by doing this it has really made me realize a bunch of things along the way. How important the community is, how we all help each other out at a blink of an eye. How important it is to have a great place to work, and willing to allow you to go out and speak and give back to the community. Also, how important it is to build a work and life balance. With out that you will go insane, I think. Construction

So, to everyone thank you for allowing me to come out and speak and do my part in helping the community And allowing me to meet some amazing people along the way. Not to mention a huge thank you to all the community for you support and allowing me to grow as a speaker, scripter, and community advocate.

Here is to an amazing 2019 with a few months to go, and Hopefully I will be able to make the rounds to some more amazing places next year and visit more countries, and bring the user back to the UserCon.


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I am a jack of all trades and a master of a few things. Manage a enterprise VDI deployment for a living. Automate things, work on my media server and fish for hobbies. Monkey tamer at home!
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