So you may laugh but I am writing a blog about blogging. Why you ask? Well because I really need to get over the fear of blogging. I for one am not a huge fan of writing, or the proper English language. I have always just done my own dialect. And it’s hard at times to get office to interpret my version of bad English or really bad English.

So why did someone that hates writing agree to do Blogtober. Well it was more to force myself in a corner. Force me into a place where I would make up excuses on why I can not do it, and really it was me not wanting to write. I mean really that was the reason I created a blog was to force myself to look at it and say you need to get back at this. For me to get anywhere I need to feel uncomfortable and let it go.

One of the hard things for me is coming up with topic that I feel are interesting. I come across the things I am doing at the office and cant really blog about some of them. But I feel everyone is doing this. So its not that interesting. Were in turn you are doing things just a bit different. Maybe enough to help just the one person. To me that makes it worth it. So advice for people that are out there reading this. Get out there get uncomfortable and write down what you are doing. For me this started off with the idea of dumping my Notebooks. But them it kind of changed. I still need to dump my notebooks (Note to self). But I started taking the reviewer idea and opinion. Not sure what its going to evolve, but honestly, I like what its kind of become. Just all over the place with nothing as a niche.

I know this is a short one but its just a start. 🙂 Time to start the real fun. Next blog after Atlanta VMUG UserCon. Setting deadline for myself there.


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