CCNA-DC 640-911 Exam Study Guide

It’s officially time for the official unofficial official study guide for the Official CCNA-DC 640-911 official Exam. 

(I just wanted to use Official 6 times in one sentence. )

Only a few months in the making and I have finally hit the finish line. This has be a decoder-ringmassive undertaking for someone that does not like the write, and most of the time I need a decoder ring for my own notes. I hope you find it useful.

With this I give you my version of a Study Guide for the CCNA-DC 640-911 Exam. This was created with the intention to be used as a guide not the sole purpose of studying. This guide follows the lines of the CCNA-DC 640-911 outline as best as I could. I wish you all well with your exam prep.


I also created a Subnet and Number Conversion Chart. This chart is great for helping you do number conversions and subnetting. It’s extremely easy to remember the pattern behind it to use it during the test. The 3 I would recommend remembering would be: Subnet Chart, Number Conversion Worksheet, and Number Conversion Chart. With those three you can do what you need to get done.

Subnet and Number Conversion Charts

With that I also created a set of Worksheets for you to practice your Number Conversions and Subnetting. I created these as a practice exercise for me. Figured why not just throw them in this also.

Number Conversion and Subnetting Fun

Last I created a set of flashcards. You can laugh if you want but the flash cards help me learn the info faster. I guess it gives me focused learning. Below is the PDF version and the Excel version. The excel version is split up into sheets based on the topic and also has a blank card template at the end. The PDF version is just them all thrown into one document.


CCNA-DC 640-911 Study Guide Flash Cards


CCNA-DC 640-911 Study Guide Flash Cards



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