OneDrive Changes Coming Soon To a PC near you.

I guess after a little more than a year microsoft realized they may have made too bold of a statement with Unlimited OneDrive accounts. What is changing? Well in a announcement last night Microsoft was going to cut the Logo_OneDriveUnlimited OneDrive accounts down to 1TB of Data, claiming that most users only use 5.4Gb worth of data. They are also removing the 15GB picture roll option for phone users with the free account. So you will no longer be able to just backup your pictures to onedrive. The following changes will made:

  • 100 GB and 200 GB subscription plans are being discontinued and will be replaced with a 50 GB option for $1.99 per month. This will happen in early 2016.
  • The 15 GB of free OneDrive storage, which everyone with a Microsoft Account receives, will be reduced to just 5 GB for all current and new users. Those changes also roll out in early 2016.
  • The 15 GB Camera Roll bonus has been offered for sometime with Windows Phone devices and was even a marketing ploy when iPhone users did not have enough space to upgrade their phones to the latest iOS version. At the time, Apple recommended that users delete photos in order to free up space so Microsoft offered the free 15 GB Camera Roll to them instead.  This free 15 GB of space for photo storage will be discontinued in early 2016.
  • Office 365 subscribers will still receive 1TB of storage with their subscription instead of the previously offered unlimited option.

Microsoft OneDrive Changes Blog Post (Seems to extremely Slow today)

Here is another great article.

One huge benefit of the Office 365 Subscription was the Unlimited OneDrive account. At this moment in time I was one of the few that may have abused it a bit, but again it was unlimited. No my OneDrive account was not the 75TB size. Not even half of that, but I was getting close to half. It was nice to have any file you ever needed in the cloud. I mean really how can one abuse the unlimited storage. You cant, people were using what they deemed necessary, that is kind of the point of UNLIMITED. This is kind of like a cell phone carrier taking your unlimited calling plan and changing it mid way through the month. Its their own fault for offering it up and there should be some sort of grandfather clause. I would be willing to settle a bit and Say you can grow no more past your current size. I would understand that.

And as you read this you think why would anyone need that much data. Then the question is why not? If you have PC’s and you don’t want to lose data on them you back them up. Then where do you store the backups. I pushed mine to OneDrive.  If you had a house with 2 Teen daughters that take a ton of photos a day. Where do you store those, mine went to OneDrive. And so on. I dumped whatever I could to OneDrive. This in turn allowed me and my family to access any file that we would ever need from anywhere or any device.

There were some limits to the unlimited OneDrive one of them being the most annoying was the 10GB file size limit. But there were some creative ways around it. One of the simplest ones was to run the file through WinRAR and cut it up into 9.8GB chunks and then upload the RAR files to OneDrive. And if you ever needed them you just download the series of RAR files and decompress the chain. This process works with about any file including video files.

Yes I am not a fan of the changes, and honestly I am quite upset on them dumping the SL20Unlimited OneDrive account. I mean that is one reason I wanted to keep my Office 365 subscription. Why push it back to 1TB. Most of us in the IT world could fill a 1TB drive pretty quick, why not change it to a 25TB or 10TB limit or something a little more reasonable.  Now the question what is one to do now? Well I guess step one is to start cleaning out the old backup files, and start preparing for the inevitable.

Okay sorry for my rant.


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