Journey to creating a Study Guide

Early on this year I decided to put forth the effort to get the CCNA-DC certification. I purchased the CCNA Data Center DCICN 640-911 Official Cert Guide and began reading and taking notes. I started the process of reading through book when it struck me to look for any study guides out there. In reality I never found anything out there. I did find a Cisco CCNA Data Center study group. There is a wealth of information people have put together. I do have this exam is a huge undertaking to prep for. After finding the lack of a study guide I decided to make one myself.  This was something that I had never even dreamed of doing, or even could I ever imagine that I would do this. I immediately decided to start converting all my notes to a study guide. This added some time to my study process. But during the conversion process I think I gained a huge amount of knowledge that I had overlooked in my first pass through the book and the product guides. This exam outline is extremely broad and vast in its scale and the worst part it’s extremely vague. It is extremely hard to cover all its reaching. Even in the 640-911 guide I do not feel it covered the whole thing in total. I had to go check out the CCNA-RS books to find some other details, and even Read the CCNA Data Center DCICN 640-196 Official Cert Guide to get some more details on other parts. I know I missed some things on the study guide but I was under a goal to keep this under 60 pages, and kind of failed it’s now right at 65 pages. I really felt that is where I could steer the people reading it to the right direction of the areas where they need the most help and not try to recreate a book that was already out there by people way smarter than me.

One thing I never thought of was the sheer amount of work in creating a study guide it was going to take. Maybe it was just because it was a Cisco exam or maybe it was just because it’s a early certification. But wow there is an extreme amount of work into creating a Study Guide. I have to say that I have an even greater respect for those that put the effort into creating a Study guide. Even more respect for those who venture into writing a book.

I look forward to releasing my CCNA-DC 640-911 study guide here shortly as I finish up the editing. I guess I need to put an extra effort into making sure that I get all the grammar mistakes and make sure there no late night typing wonderings or dyslexic babble. I do have to say this is a project I will never forget and look forward to doing it again on the 640-916 exam. Hopefully this time it won’t take me so long to get the next one out. I have learned some great things in the process, and I hope someone finds my guide useful.

Stay Tuned for updates on this.


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