BlackBerry just let it die!

It appears that BlackBerry is putting the bilge pumps into overdrive, trying to keep the ship from going to the bottom.

Going to tech conferences and looking around you will see different breeds of iOS and Android devices going around, you might even see a Windows phone. But one thing you never really see is a BlackBerry. It’s the phone that everyone is ashamed to still have. So the person that is still has one will not bring it out of their pocket. And whenever you see one everyone is taking pictures of them and posting them on twitter. Each phone has their Pro’s and Con’s, and each have their die hard advocates. I for one are not stuck on any

BlackBerry-Priv-1device. I go with what fits my needs the best, I can say that a BlackBerry has not fit my needs since I had a 7100i on Nextel back in 2006. That phone predictive typing was horrible, but it was the first time I had email, and web browsing at the palm of my hand. I think I purchased one more BlackBerry after that, do to lack of option in the market and moved off to Android shortly after that. One qoute from that I love is “BlackBerry means serous buisness” no it means hide it in your pocket and dont tell anyone your employer makes you carry it.

Why do employers want to stay with the old Blackberry phones. I mean the BES server was horrendous to deploy, and keep running. (In their defence I have not touched one in many years) and the stupid scroll balls kept popping out and you had to hope and pray you could find it rolling down the sidewalk. It now appears they are taking a hint and giving up on their software and going to an Android OS. Really I know they are struggling to stay alive but why not give up and call it quits while you are ahead. They are offering up a nice looking new phone but who wants a slide screen and a physical keyboard anymore? The Priv has some pretty good specs, But the life of mobility should not be forcing your users to go with one phone. As all of us learned in the late 2000’s the users will all rebel. So what is the solution? Move away from device based security and move to solutions that add mobility, security, and individualism. Things like AirWatch that let you secure your data and let the user choose their device.


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