Your Fitbit may need a flu shot!

I ran across an article on The Register this morning of someone hacking a Fitbit into malware spreading mode in less than 10 seconds. So that could be a hacker sitting at a park bench and you run past them and you are now contagious and spreading your newly contracted malware.

2000px-Biohazard_symbol.svgThis attack is done over bluetooth so you have to be in 30 feet range for them to infect your Fitbit. Once your device is infected it can infect any device that it’s connected too. It could be used to open a backdoor to your corporate network, or your own personal computer.

I wonder how long it will be before Fitbit fixed the software issue beings they have know about this since March. One thing about it is they will have plenty of time to infect mine as I walk past them, they sure don’t have to worry about how fast i am moving.

Example of the Exploit!


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