4k Video in Horizon View 6.2

How many of you have went out and purchased new 4K monitors for your users yet? I am guessing none, beings the 4k monitors are astronomically expensive. The cheapest one I found was $350 for a bottom of the line 4k, and $750 for a nice 27in ViewSonic, and I found a high end Sharp for $6500.

vmware-view-logoFor everyday business 4k absolutely makes no sense unless you have a need to spend some budget dollars, if so shoot me an email I could use some new home lab equipment. The people that make the most sense for are the Medical field, Marketing, Photo and Video Editing, and CAD users. Don’t get me wrong 4k does offer an amazing picture, but is it worth the cost for the call center person?

What is involved from the Horizon View standpoint. Beings this is new to the Horizon View 6.2 a month or so ago, there is not a huge amount of people using it yet.

First off you need to make sure your thin or zero client or repurposed PC supports the 4k monitor. You need to make sure your GPU supports 4K video. Unless you recently purchased a GPU the odds are they are do not support 4k yet.
The next piece would be is your application ready? If you have a 1080p monitor right now and you upgrade to a 4k, your icons will be 1/4 the size of they were on the 1080p monitor. So for those that have custom software or odd 3 party software you may want to test heavily before deploying 4k. Some of the major vendors are just now getting around to creating new scaling technologies.

Another major issue is I hope you have some extra ram in those hosts. You will have to step up the VRAM a bit to support 4k and max it out depending on what configuration you use. Check the Memory Requirements Matrix to see what level of VRAM is required.

imagesIn Horizon View to use 4k you are required to use Horizon client 3.5 or newer and View Agent 6.2. Right now single monitor is if you run Windows 7 or 8 with Aero on, and running hardware version 10. Now if you switch to hardware version 11 and turn Aero off you can support 3 monitors. Windows 10 is not currently supported because you can not disable aero. Also Zero clients are not currently supported but should be soon, but they might be missing some of the DPI scaling features.
Over time the cost of 4k will go down as it becomes more mainstream. But I can see where it could become a huge benefit. Could you imagine your productivity growing when you can stream YouTube videos in 4k to your View desktop. There will be huge benefits to the people in the Engineering, Editing, or Medical field, and hopefully here soon as the rest of the world catches on. The vSphere web client should look amazing in 4k.


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