Hold onto your Butts Wireshark 2.0 RC is available.

Its official Wireshark has a RC version on its 2.0 software available to download. Why is this a big deal? For a long time Wireshark has really just been about network and wiresharkBluetooth captures. Now with some added features like USBPcap with support from Wireshark. USBPcap is a USB Packet capture tool designed to capture data from any USB device. What can you capture? Well you can capture full keystrokes, video, data from a USB thumb drive, fingerprints from readers, security badge scans and much more.

Why is this such a big deal. Well for me it can be a great tool, but for others it can be a great tool that is readily available to do other things. I look forward to give this tool a try just to see what you can do with it. But I think it would be a huge help for developers, and capturing keystrokes as someone is installing or going through workflows.

I look forward to seeing the full release here in the short future.


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