Home Transition from archaic Incandescent to LED lighting.

After buying a new house here this May. I noticed a few things about this new house. One most of the light bulbs in this house were burnt out, or burnt out shortly after we took ownership and they were all old fashioned incandescent light bulbs. I had my eye on the LED market place for sometime and was intrigued on what Cree was doing in the marketplace. So I made the commitment the start the transition to Cree LED bulbs. styled_creebulbI decided on Cree for the reason they are dimmable, and they are fairly priced at less than $8 a bulb for a 60 watt equivalent. I started going into Home Depot the next day after purchasing the house, and started buying bulbs. I decided to do this as needed not all at once so my wallet was not in as much pain. I decided to buy 3 bulbs every time I went into Home Depot. Here we are 5 months later and I have replaced every bulb in my house with LED bulbs. I could not use only Cree bulbs as I really wanted to stick with one manufacture but Cree did not offer the decorative Bathroom globe bulbs. So for those I went with GE, they offered a 2 for $16 pack. Were the other brands offered 1 bulb for $15. To me it was worth it to try the GE. Also if you have those stupid can lights there is an amazing retrofit kit for them. Cree makes a retro fit kit that will replace the ring and the bulb. This is amazing for outside can lights that for some reason the mud dobbers like to build nests in. styled_connectedbulb

Along with this transition I did decided on replacing some of my bulbs with Cree connected bulbs. My plans for the house were to automate what I can to one save money and two to make life easy. On the light circuits with only one or two lights for a switch I chose the Cree Connected bulb. Figuring that the two bulbs were cheaper than replacing the light switch with a z-wave controlled switch.12722-1.1-OP

Now that we are at completion of this phase of the home automation and lighting project, it’s sad I don’t have a history of bills to compare over other than the previous owners bills and she was a empty nest wife. So it does not even come close to my family of 5 that seem to leave every light in the house on. But i think its fair to say that with this modification it should of cut my electricity cost a bit beings most of the bulbs were traditional at 60 watts or higher, and the led bulbs use 10 watts or less, now compared to a Compact Fluorescent that uses 14 watts not as great, but you figure that a LED bulb last about 3 times longer than the average Compact Fluorescent and the LED’s are dimmable and instant on at full brightness. I have to say that the light these LED bulbs put off is amazing. And the true instant on at full power is great. It does have one drawback though. When you just wake up and you turn on the lights you used to have that couple of seconds for eyes to adjust as the compact fluorescent was warming up, well with these you do not have that luxury.

Now to finish the conversion to a automated home. Next major project is to finish replacement of the wall switches with z-wave controlled dimmable switches. And then the story will not end there as it will morph more into another project.


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