Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book?

After VMworld and talking to some people who have given up the traditional laptop form I was convinced that i needed to replace my current laptop with a Surface or a convertible on the next refresh (Thanks Jim Jones @k00laidIT). On the October 6th I was ready for the Microsoft announcement. I am need of a new laptop and the rumor was that they were going to release a new Surface Pro. Watching the release that day I was extremely intrigued by what they have to offer.

Microsoft band 2 – Seems like a great product and I think they are on to something with it. Something much simpler than what Apple has done with their watch, but much more than other fitness trackers have tried to do. To me that whole wearable wrist market is meant to be an extension of your phone, not try to be a replacement for it. I don’t need to be able to compose emails, surf the internet and such on my wrist. Heck I am happily fat and don’t really need the fitness part. (My Doc may disagree) I really just wish they made a version for the people with big wrists. I would have given up my FitBit Charge HR for a new surface.

Hololens – This is an amazing concept and still has a long ways to go. I recall someone pointing it out that this would be quite interesting to play while out doing yard work. Just imagine how people would look at you as you are shoot aliens while riding around your yard on your lawnmower and actually mowing. Odds are you would run over your neighbor’s prized flowers, but you would have had fun doing it.

The Lumia phones look amazing, just after so many fails of the windows phones I am really hesitant to give them any praise. I mean look at the past phones they were absolutely horrible. Okay maybe horrible is a little light, they were worthless POS’s. But I think they may be on the right path with these. I really hope that windows 10 will work on these phones. Now using your phone for a PC. That might work in a pinch, but at this moment I don’t see it replacing a PC any time soon. And with the phone pretty much always having to be connected I can see this as a down fall. I grew up in the middle of nowhere and at best cell service is spotty, let alone data service. So being always connected is not going to happen everywhere.

Surface Pro 4 – Now this is what I was waiting for. They started off showing all the specs, and what they could do with it. And how its going to transition the world. But really all I wanted to hear is when and how much would it take to own it. Having AC wireless, up to 1TB hard drive and, 16 GB of ram this is a great option to replace your laptop. And with the ability to move almost everything to the cloud this could be a great replacement for the average desktop in conjunction with a Docking station, dual monitors, keyboard and mouse. You throw in the 9 hours of battery life that kills my current Toshiba laptop that I get close to 3 hours at best. But wait we still have time in the release.

Surface Book – I had read they were going to offer a different Surface but I was in aw when they pulled out a tablet surface and also kind of in shock. I thought Surface was meant to be a laptop killer not become a laptop. This thing had some amazing specs to go with it also, but other than a tiny bit bigger screen, and the graphics GPU there was minor differences. It did have a nice fancy hinge and a normal style keyboard. And that is when they show the demo video again, just this time the remove the screen, showing it’s a tablet also. Okay I get this now. And being a future convert my gears are turning in my head. I am thinking to myself this is the option I need to go. But that is when I notice that all the connection ports are on the keyboard part. So you can not drag it in the data center with you and plug-in a serial to USB port and connect up to a switch. Instead you have to lug the keyboard around with you. Not a good sacrifice for thickness. I would rather have it been the extra .45mm thinner screen.

So after all of that I am at the dilemma of what surface I order. I like the bigger screen and the option to use the traditional laptop style keyboard but hate the idea of all the connections being in the keyboard. Then looking at the Surface Pro 4 on how close in price the two options are. I am pretty set on going with the Surface Pro 4. Just need to figure out what options. I mean really compared to the Surface 3 there was a large price increase. I know there is not much uses in a 128GB drive. I know you store most things in the cloud but the cloud is never as fast as internal storage. I am pretty set on the 256GB SSD or larger, just my conundrum is around if you go with is what processor and ram combination to go with:

  • i5 with 8GB and a 256GB HD
  • i5 with 16GB and a 512GB HD
  • i7 with 8GB and a 256GB HD
  • i7 with 16GB and a 512GB HD

This is my dilemma.

Over all I was quite impressed of what Microsoft had to offer. It was not the typical Apple release of rebranded 3-year-old technology.


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