Is writing to yourself kind of like talking to yourself?

This has been really a long time coming. I am not one to blog, but why in the hell did I decide to write a blog? Well I needed to do something to get some of this stuff out on the cloud that no one understands and this is a way for me to get more comfortable on putting my own words out there. Who knows someone might actually find something useful out of it. This is really my first real attempt at doing a blog and I hope to come up with something to write about on a regular basis. My goal is to keep this mainly tech oriented, but worst case I can always write something about some of the “difficult” things and people I have to deal with from day to day.

The story of creating this blog. This was really a long process. Laugh. It has only taken over a year to make it this far. I think my blog was created way back in September or so of 2014. I just really never did anything with it. Mainly because I was not for sure to write and if I could keep up with it. I did not want to make a commitment on something that I was not for sure I wanted to deal with. After some consideration, and getting over my hesitation of writing publicly (I hate writing), but I decided to put some effort into this. So yesterday afternoon I committed to this. I choose a theme and began creation of this monstrosity. It is still a work in progress and I am sure it will be forever. Last night I started writing this post but I managed to fall asleep while typing. (Guessing I was a little more tired than I thought or I realized reading my own writing was as entertaining as reading a nice windows server manual!) I ended up with over 40+ pages of random letters. I should’ve published this in its original form, probably would of been my longest post I will ever created. But I guess for the sake poor people that decided to read this I cut that part out.


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I am a jack of all trades and a master of none.
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