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Journey to creating a Study Guide

Early on this year I decided to put forth the effort to get the CCNA-DC certification. I purchased the CCNA Data Center DCICN 640-911 Official Cert Guide and began reading and taking notes. I started the process of reading through … Continue reading

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BlackBerry just let it die!

It appears that BlackBerry is putting the bilge pumps into overdrive, trying to keep the ship from going to the bottom. Going to tech conferences and looking around you will see different breeds of iOS and Android devices going around, … Continue reading

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Horizon View Printer Assignment Issues

As most of you know there are some issues with printer management with Horizon View. There are many different ways to solve this problem, you can go out and get third party software, use some GPO scripting, or even just … Continue reading

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Your Fitbit may need a flu shot!

I ran across an article on The Register this morning of someone hacking a Fitbit into malware spreading mode in less than 10 seconds. So that could be a hacker sitting at a park bench and you run past them … Continue reading

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4k Video in Horizon View 6.2

How many of you have went out and purchased new 4K monitors for your users yet? I am guessing none, beings the 4k monitors are astronomically expensive. The cheapest one I found was $350 for a bottom of the line … Continue reading

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Hold onto your Butts Wireshark 2.0 RC is available.

Its official Wireshark has a RC version on its 2.0 software available to download. Why is this a big deal? For a long time Wireshark has really just been about network and Bluetooth captures. Now with some added features like … Continue reading

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Horizon View Persona Management Duplicate AppData LOC folders

I don’t know if anyone out there has had issues with Horizon View 6 with Persona Management and Duplicate AppData LOC folders like this one here in the picture. As you can see the one on top is a current … Continue reading

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